New!! Octave Precision PLA Filament for 3D Printers

May 8th, 2017

The Octave Precision PLA line is designed to produce better results, fewer clogs and less wasted filament than any other PLA available today. When your print job demands the best, reach for Octave Precision.

Superior Diameter Consistency

During production, laser measurement instruments constantly check filament diameter and roundness, ensuring no greater than 20 microns in variation. Your 3D printer’s hot end is going to be fed the amount of material it expects at all times, which means less discrepancy in layer height and depth, and smoother prints.


Intelligently Wound Spooling

Advanced robotics are employed to wind the filament onto each spool, perfectly placing each layer of filament side by side, one on top of the other. This results in tangle-free unwinding, an end to clogs caused by filament cross-binding while printing.


Remaining Filament Estimator

The side of the clear spool is marked to reveal the length of filament remaining in meters.
Take the guesswork out of gauging whether or not there is enough left to complete a print job.

Contaminant Free Purity

Produced in an atmospherically pure, temperature and humidity-controlled environment, airborne particulates cannot reach the filament as it is being made and unwanted moisture is not introduced into the process. Technicians clean the extrusion machinery after every run to guarantee each spool suffers no imperfections from material build-up. Octave Precision PLA begins its life as pure PLA and remains pure PLA after it becomes filament.

Single Spool Inspection

Every spool of Octave Precision PLA is inspected by a technician before it is packaged. If it doesn’t meet our quality-control checklist, it is discarded.

Moisture Free Packaging

After inspection, before it ever leaves the contaminant-free production area, Octave Precision PLA is vacuum sealed in plastic wrap with a desiccant to protect against condensation forming during shipping.

This post was written by John Marello

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