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MF Digital offers Gigabit upgrade card

Since MF Digital equipment is networkable a Gigabit upgrade card is available to increase data transfer rates from a 10/100 Ethernet connection to that of Gigabit. For less then $125 you can get 5 times the transfer rate to all MF Digital equipment. Ideal for DVDR applications.

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MF Digital PicoJet monitors ink level down to 4%

Automation with PicoJet will monitor to last 4% of remaining ink level before pausing duplication job and requesting attention.  This level of accuracy is only available through MF Digital printers and equipment.

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Used Signature Pro CD Color Printer – $495

We have ONE Signature Pro CD Color Printer for $495.

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4 DVD Copy Master II 11 Drive Duplicators

We have 4 DVD Copy Master II 11 Drive Duplicators for $1349.00. These are factory refurbished units with full warranties. Normally sell for $1,549, on sale for $1,349.00

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Scribe PC will save your duplication job.

Users can avoid re-creating duplication jobs. Scribe software allows user to save those frequently used jobs for quick recall. Feature will save data, label file, quantity & more.

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MF Digital client software is license free.

There is no additional charge for multiple users of the MF Digital client software. It is license free with unlimited usage.

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What ink do we sell the most of?

I was looking at our sales history and ink for the Bravo is by far our biggest seller.  Octave has been offering a package deal for ink (buy in bulk and get reduced price) for well over a year now. Customers seem to appreciate the break on the price.

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Director burns unique discs and creates unique labels at affordable price!

Q1:  Does the customer need to burn different discs BUT at the same time?

Q2:  Does the customer need a different label for each disc?

Answer to both:  DIRECTOR

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The 5906 expands using Ethernet connection.

Many ask if the 5906 “daisy chains” together…well, not in the traditional sense, the connections are via Ethernet.

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Deals at Octave

A great place to find savings is at the Octave deals page.  We have some legacy Copy Master’s DVD Duplicator and a TASCAM CC-222 at deep discounts.

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