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TASCAM 900 Live Event Recorder

The new TASCAM 900 Live Event Recorder is now available.  The unit has all of the great features of the previous model, but this one also does MP3.

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5907VL has password protection feature

The MF Digital 5907VL copier module (tower) has a 6 pin alpha-numeric password protection feature which can be toggled on or off depending on user need. This feature provides the owner/manager with a high level of security to prevent unauthorized duplication. Other features include multi-image hard drive archive (80GB), audio compilation and direct disc-to-disc duplicating.

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$100 off the 7, 9 and 11 drive DVD Copy Master II’s until the end of March

Until the end of March 2006 Octave is offering $100 off the price of the 7, 9, and 11 drive DVD Copy Masters. These units also include free UPS ground shipping.

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Demo Unit – Save – 3 drive Copy Master II Robotic Unit

We have a 3 drive Copy Master II robotic demo unit for sale.  If you need a robotic duplicator please look at this one.

The unit carries a full warranty.

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Scribe PC insures rapid production

The Scribe PC from MF Digital is loaded with features.  Here is an overview of their Job Queuing and Image Pre-Loading feature.  

Scribe software has unlimited job queuing.  This is a very important feature when a duplicator is a shared, network resource.  With the license free client software, it is possible to have many duplication jobs submitted simultaneously, or continuously since the client software can be loaded from 1 to 100s of PCs throughout an organization.  The Scribe will process the jobs FIFO or First In – First Out based on what jobs in the queue.

The Scribe also pre-loads the disc image to the hard drive of the duplicator, which is a huge time savings feature.  This means while the duplicator is burning an Active Job, it will pre-load the next two jobs (disc images) to the hard drive from over the network.  The result:  A Scribe will immediately start burning the next job in queue with no additional download time needed from the network.

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PicoJet now $1,495

The PicoJet inkjet printer dropped $200 in MSRP on March 1st to $1,495.  This HP based engine is a leading CD/DVD inkjet printer for automated duplication systems.  With a drople size of 4.5 pico-leters and a color spectrum range of 16.7 million colors every print will be vibrant, full of detail and color tone accurate. 

The PicoJet can print on 120mm CDs & DVDs (full size), CD business cards ranging from 80mmx61mm to 80mmx63mm and mini round discs of the 80mm size.

Desktop version of the PicoJet is also available at a substantial discount.

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Popular Event CD Recorder

copy writer liveInsider note – Microboards’ CopyWriter Live has been selling stronger and stronger every day. We’ve noticed as word gets around, certain products take on a life of their own, and CopyWriter Live is certainly one of them.

The thing that makes it fun to talk about is spanning – the second recorder starts burning its disc when the first one becomes full. That was popular on dual cassette decks, and frankly we’re surprised noone else has tried to imitate it.

Of course, the CWLive does everything else an event recorder needs to – it has XLR, RCA, and Mic inputs so you can burn from practically any source. And since it has two drives, we built copying capability into it to, so it doubles as a simple CD duplicator. And it comes with a rackmount kit, so it can be used as a desktop player or be integrated into a pro environment. All in all it’s pretty cool.

When our first review of the unit (by Fett in Performing Songwriter) hailed the piece as professional gear, I took it home to see whether I thought it would make the cut in a pro environment from a sound quality standpoint. I was pretty surprised at what I got – I burned our Church’s Christmas Program – without doing a sound check – and using a cheap pair of Mics and an even cheaper 4-channel mixer, and got a great CD out of it. Even I was surprised at the sound.

List price is $799 – and Octave is selling it for only $699 – so it’s even competitively priced against other machines with less features.

Not bad.

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New! Supreme Robotic DVD Copy Master II

The new DVD Copy Master II Supreme Robotic duplicator  is the newest addition to the Copy Master duplicators by Octave.  The Supreme is more of a robust machine. Sporting all metal spindles that ensure straighter stacks, improved arm track, and a modular design.

The Supreme is available with Pioneer or Plextor DVD recorders.

Prices start at $3,690.00.

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Mediatechnics Price Drop

There has been a drop in the price of Mediatechnics fusion duplicators.

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