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Automated your PC backup

MF Digital and Handy BackUp software make a great team for automated PC backup. Through the MF Digital software there is a portal button which launches the Hand BackUp software for immediate backup capabilities. From this point, a user can recall a backup job previously created and resubmit or create a new backup. Once a backup job is submitted the MF Digital autoloader takes over for complete automation.

This hardware and software match make it especially easy and convenient to do late-night or off-hour backup’s of office PCs and workstations. In addition, the Handy BackUp software can span to multiple discs so if there are large amounts of data the MF Digital duplicator will know what to do. The Handy BackUp software which ships with the duplicators does support CDR, CDRW and DVDR disc formats.

The Handy BackUp add-on software has a retail price of $100 USD.

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Gigabit card is standard on DirectorPRO DP2-2104 Publisher

MF Digital made a post earlier talking about the upgrade option to gigabit ethernet cards for all MF Digital equipment; however, the gigabit ethernet card is standard on the DirectorPRO DP2-2104 which is the MF Digital flagship product for unique disc publishing. 

 The Director PRO publisher can be configured with the MF Digital PicoJet inkjet printer or the Prism Plus thermal printer.  Disc capacity is 450 and 600 respectively – an industry leading spec when looking at bin capacity of one-off disc publishers.

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GX-1 Disc Duplicator/Printer from Microboards

GX 1Fresh from the NAB show, Microboards has announced a new disc publisher. It’s only 11 1/2 inches wide, prints (inikjet) at 4800 dpi, burns at 16x DVD and 48x CD, and has a 50-disc input hopper. It’s going to be shipping in June of this year.

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May special from MF Digital = free Pioneer 110 drive

For the month of May MF Digital will include one free Pioneer 110 drive with the purchase of any Scribe 9000 PC system.  This offer is a $295 value.

**Baxter not included in offer

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Batch archive feature on MF Digital autoloaders

Ever have a customer drop off 10 CDs then request 20 copies of each?  The batch archive feature from MF Digital can help in that process.  The feature will auto-archive a stack of CDs or DVDs directly from the input hopper to the system hard drive.  The feature can use the default naming typology for the disc set or you can edit and customize the archive list.  This feature is available on the Scribe 9000 PC systems.

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