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Of Microboards and Men

It’s been a whirlwind tour – we’ve been out around the world showing off the GX-1, and the response has been tremendous. In the last few weeks we’ve showed it everywhere from Hannover Germany, to Orlando Florida, and we’ve heard a few things over and over again. As I write this, in fact, I just finished showing the GX-2 off to 100 people in New England, and every single one was impressed. Here’s what they noticed the most:

1. 50 discs in and 50 discs out – a good capacity for an entry-level, desktop machine.

2. HP Printing. Everywhere you turn, people recognize HP as the quality name in inkjet printing. And their expectations are met and exceeded when they see the smooth, clean output of the inkjet printer on the GX-1

3. Inexpensive ink. Two questions we get over and over are: How much is the cartridge? And how many discs will it make? Anyone making more than a handful of discs at a time is concerned about how many cartridges they’ll need. We’re proud to have the lowest cost-per-disc in class – printing a single disc is up to 30% lower on our printer. And if you’re doing several thousand discs a year, you’ll find you can save even more on our DX/PF series of printer/publishers.

Of course, there are plenty of other things I like to tell people about the GX-1. Like that it has a sleek 11-1/2 inch wide footprint, doesn’t use a lot of moving parts, and has satisfied users from every walk of life – government, churches, schools, video production companies, audio recording studios – you name it. But the three points above seem to really hit home with our users.

So happy duplicating! Give Microboards or the guys at Octave a call if we can help you set up a great system for making DVDs or CDs in house!

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March Madness Special From MF Digital

MF Digital March Madness SpecialMF Digital is offering one of the best promotional sales we’ve ever seen during March ’07. Simply purchase a 2 Drive Scribe 9000 and PicoJet Inkjet printer (part # DP3-9602-PCJ) and MF Digital will upgrade your order to a 4 Drive Scribe at no additional charge (part # DP3-9604-PCJ). This is a huge savings and least expensive way to get yourself into a 4 Drive duplicator. But hurry, because MF Digital will only honor this special for orders submitted in March.

The Scribe Series is one of the best selling lines at Octave for those needing higher-end systems with larger bin capacities. MF Digital offers some outstanding features, here are some for consideration:

  • Network ready with license free client software.
  • Asynchronous burning. Each drive works independently of each other.
  • Auto detecting CDR or DVDR media on input spindle. A “must have” for network applications.
  • Pre-configured system. Simply ad monitor, keyboard and mouse and your new 4 Drive Scribe is ready to go.
  • Supports .pdf, .prn and .std print files (easy switch if using .std Primera print files)
  • Software modules. For just a little more get automatic network backup or automatic MP3 ripping software
  • Complete job log for monthly production and duplication analysis.

You can find out more about the Scribe Series and the March Madness special. Just visit our Scribe 9000 Series page or better yet, Contact Us directly.

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