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Daisy Chain Duplicators

We will soon have Daisy Chain Duplicators. Details are coming.
Daisy Chain Duplicators

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LightScribe Duplicators

In a collaborative effort between Octave Systems and LightScribe, the new Copy Master LS model is the Industry’s First Complete LightScribe Standalone DVD and CD Publishing System. LightScribe was invented by Hewlett Packard (HP) as a laser labeling technology to burn images onto compatible optical discs through licensed drives. The new Copy Master LS models offer an array of improved features, most notably the ability to inscribe text or full graphic labels directly onto CDs and DVDs without being connected to a computer. The Copy Master LS is the most productive, reliable, and cost effective LightScribe publishing system on the market.

Read more about the LightScribe Duplicator
LightScribe Duplicators

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Xerox Duplicators are coming

Octave will soon be offering Xerox Duplicators. These are standalone tower duplicators capable of producing CD or DVDs. These disc duplication units can be connected to a PC allowing the user to transfer the master image directly to the on board hard disk drive.
Xerox Duplicator

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$300 worth of New Year’s Gift Card Rebates

Primera is offering the following deal:

Buy a Primera Bravo-Series Disc Publisher by January 31, 2008 and get up
to a $300 gift card. Gift cards are accepted at millions of merchant
locations nationwide.

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LightScribe Duplicator

Vinpower Digital announced today the release of SharkCopier LS standalone manual tower DVD/CD publishing systems. In a collaborative effort between Vinpower Digital and LightScribe, the new SharkCopier LS models offer an array of improved features, most notably the ability to inscribe text or full graphic labels directly onto CDs and DVDs without being connected to a computer.

The SharkCopier LS can be used as a publishing system by first creating the disc image art on a computer, then loading the image onto the standalone duplicator for disc label duplication. LightScribe offers a free LightScribe Template Labeler at that supports a fast creative process and a robust suite of label template options.

The duplicator can be used anywhere there is a suitable electrical outlet without being tied to a computer with these simple steps:

1) Load the LightScribe capable CDs or DVDs into the drives // Put the label side face down to print

2) The duplicator will laser-inscribe the programmed image onto the discs

3) Flip the disc over in the same drive onto the data duplicating side

4) The duplicator will copy the selected data

5) The duplicated discs will now have a label design and the specified data content

The LightScribe labeling process offers the ability to print and burn in one standalone system, no longer tying the user to a PC or limiting them to a mere 2 or 4 drive maximum capacity. The SharkCopier LS is available in various sizes and prints all discs simultaneously from 1-to-1 up to 1-to-15 to fit the needs of even the most demanding duplication job.

“The SharkCopier LS eliminates the concerns of running out of ink or thermal ribbon commonly found in printer based publishing systems, which can be time consuming and costly,” proclaims Ryan Swerdloff, VP of Marketing at Vinpower Digital.

“VinPower has capitalized on LightScribe’s unique embedded in-drive characteristic to launch an entirely new category of publishing systems,” said Kent Henscheid, LightScribe Marketing Manager. “Without a connected PC, tower duplicator users were previously limited to only copying data from a master disc. Now SharkCopier LS tower users can copy data and complement them with a professional quality label.”

In addition to the data and label duplication features, all SharkCopier models offer dynamic hard drive partitions and the new Simultaneous Load & Copy feature. They still offer exceptional duplication capability at lightning fast speed along with market leading features for which the SharkCopier has been known, like Account Management, Auto Counter, Multi-language support, Drive firmware upgrade ability, and so much more that helped make the SharkCopier the preferred duplicator.

About Vinpower Digital:

Vinpower Digital is the leading manufacturer of standalone optical disc duplication equipment. With our corporate office in Los Angeles, California, USA and production offices in Taipei, Taiwan, we have the ability to deliver the most advanced and reliable standalone optical disc duplication controllers, manual towers, and robotic autoloaders anywhere in the world. As a true manufacture, Vinpower Digital has the ability to OEM/ODM customized applications and equipment for qualified vendors on a number of levels. Never satisfied with good enough, Vinpower Digital constantly pushes the envelope to develop new features and enhance their existing product to stay in tune with the customers’ needs and expectations.

For further information on any or all of Vinpower Digital’s line of duplicators please visit our website at

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$100 instant rebate on the 11 Drive Copy Master II (NEC and Pioneer)

For the month of Jan, 2008, Octave is offering a $100 instant rebate on the 11 Driver Copy Master (NEC and Pioneer).

The offer also includes free ground shipping.

11 Drive DVD Duplicator – NEC
11 Drive DVD Duplicator – Pioneer

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