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Deal of the Decade? Magic Jack ~ we highly recommend this product

This is directed at those of you that have high speed internet access, if you are one of the three people in the country that are still using dial-up you need to pass on this item!

How about unlimited US & Canada phone calls for 20 bucks a year? You can also choose a number for just about any area code and even choose a prefix. Want voicemail – no problem. Call forwarding – of course.

So what is the deal? It is called magicJack. A snazzy device that plugs into the USB port on your PC, then you plug any regular telephone into the phone jack on the unit.. Setup takes a couple of minutes. Once you have chosen an area code and prefix you are assigned a number and you are ready to dial as well as receive calls. Here’s the kicker – it costs less than 40 bucks and that includes the first year of free US/Canada landline and cellular calls. Subsequent years are just $20 per year. There’s even great rates on pre-paid international calls.

But wait – there is more! You can take the magicJack when you travel and plug it into any PC or Mac and make and receive calls as if you were at home. Even if you travel overseas you can still connect and North American calls do not cost a penny more. It is worth getting a unit just for that purpose alone!

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