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SharkNet Networkable Towers

Octave Systems, Inc. now carries the Industry’s First Standalone
Networkable Duplication Tower series branded as SharkNet. This series allows a user to create image files or LightScribe print files on their PC and transfer them across an internal network via LAN/Ethernet connection onto the SharkNet Duplicator in order to duplicate image files and/or print LightScribe (LS) label files directly onto CD, DVD, and/or Blu-ray media at their convenience.


The SharkNet provides both convenience and security within any size office environment in an easy to use and operate standalone tower duplicator. With the network connectivity, the SharkNet does not require the person loading the file(s)to be near or even in the same room as the duplicator. This allows a company to keep any quantity of manual tower duplicators in a safe optimal environment where users can transfer files directly onto the duplicator as apposed to the longer and more time consuming process of generating a master disc then loading it into the duplicator manually.

The disc duplicator is fast becoming a standard office accessory similar to a paper printer and the networkable capability is essential for this transition.

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SD Duplicator Sale!

Octave Systems, Inc. SD Duplicator Sale running until April 30th, 2009. Get the Nexcopy SD200PC for $1199 or the SD200PCM for $1299, a $100 savings!

The SD200PC is designed for quick and easy data loading to Secure Digital media such as SD cards, miniSD cards and microSD cards. The SD Duplicator is a 20 target system with powerful copy and duplication functions. Users may copy files from a source location on a PC or use the low-level binary copy function to copy a full image from a Secure Digital media source.

The SD200PC is well suited for data loading to flash memory for Palm devices and SmartPhones as the system will also function as a miniSD duplicator through the use of media adapters. The SD duplicator is equally suited for data loading to Blackberry devices, GPS units and mobile phones as the SD200PC will also function as a microSD duplicator through the use of microSD media adapters.

There are more features and benefits to the SD200PC SD Duplicator. Learn more at:

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Epson Introduces Networked DiscProducer

Epson has announced the release of a networked option Discproducer, a compact integrated desktop disc duplication solution designed for businesses and organisations that need to create professional quality customised CDs or DVDs on demand.

The original Discproducer, the PP-100 (with a new lower price of $2695) has been joined by the PP-100N which can be easily integrated into the company network making the production system simple to use. All the data required for the CD or DVD can be compiled on the user’s desktop and then transferred to the Discproducer PP-100N at the click of a mouse.

Both models are suitable for design and photo agencies, hospitals, schools, universities, government departments, reprographic houses, duplicator services and any other business with duplicating or archiving needs, the Discproducer can burn and print up to 100 copies of the same disc or unique discs, in a single, fully automated process.

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