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International Orders Welcome!

Octave Goes Global with International Checkout

Octave Systems, Inc. has partnered with International Checkout in order to better process orders to our international customers. Customers can now get real-time price quotes and settlement in their local currency to any destination in the world, including Duties and Taxes at a guaranteed rates. A full range of payment options are available. Customers may select to pay in their own local currency with Visa or Master Card. Additionally, they may pay via American Express, Discover, JCB, PayPal, Moneybookers, or Bank Transfer.

We keep them updated every step of the way! From the moment the international customer submits an order until the moment that order arrives on their doorstep, they are pro-actively and professionally informed of their order’s progress by our world-class multi-lingual customer service team. A customer login is also provided, enabling customers to view their order history and check the latest status and tracking updates.

International orders are welcome and Octave Systems has made it easy to place your orders online!


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Upgrading To Blu-Ray?

Upgrading to Blu-ray? We Have the Solution!

With the transition from analog to digital signals for TV transmission along with the drastic reduction in pricing for personal HD video cameras and Blu-ray players, the need and use for Blu-ray duplication equipment and media is increasing at an incredible rate.

The Xerox Blu-ray Duplicators offer exceptional duplication quality with quick copying speeds for fast and reliable production for all Blu-ray duplication needs. Plus with the unique “Drag & Drop” application, the user can quickly and easily transfer Blu-ray content from a PC directly to the Duplicator for faster turnaround times. This will eliminate most of the extra time it takes to create a Blu-ray master disc before starting the duplication process.

Optical Quantum Blu-ray media is quickly becoming the preferred Blu-ray media in the industry. With impeccable duplication and playback quality along with low affordable pricing, the Optical Quantum series of Blu-ray media has been adopted by professionals in video game development, Movie and TV production, Government, Military, Education, and the list goes on.

Optical Quantum Blu-ray discs along with the Xerox Blu-ray Duplicators are the perfect combination for high quality reliable Blu-ray duplication.


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Blu-Ray Gaining Popularity

Blu-ray Popularity on the Rise, NPD Report Claims

A report issued by NPD, one of the world’s most important market research companies, reveals the fact that, during the first quarter of 2009, the sales of stand-alone Blu-ray players in the U.S. grew to more than 400,000 units, an increase of 72 percent over Q1 2008. And what’s really interesting here is that these sales figures were recorded in a period of economic crisis, as well as during a quarter that’s not particularly well-known for being a very profitable one for the CE industry.

Moreover, the same study revealed that overall consumer awareness of the BD format in the United States reached 90 percent in the past six months. Purchase intent for Blu-ray set-top boxes also rose slightly in NPD’s most recent tracking surveys, with 6 percent of respondents saying they would be “extremely or very likely” to buy in the next six months, compared with 5 percent who responded similarly in the August report. Despite these high awareness levels, more than half of adults (58 percent) continued to report that they were still “not very familiar” with BD.

One of the main reasons why the rate of adoption for Blu-ray devices has increased so much lately is the fact that, according to the same report, the average selling price for a stand-alone BD player fell nearly 34 percent, from $393 dollars in Q1 2008 to $261 in Q1 2009.

“The rising penetration of high-definition televisions and lower Blu-ray player prices are broadening the format’s market opportunity,” said Ross Rubin, director of industry analysis at NPD. “Even as options expand for accessing movies digitally, Blu-ray is carrying forward the widespread appeal of DVD into the high-definition marketplace.”

The increase in Blu-Ray player sales will in turn increase the demand for Blu-Ray duplicators. Octave Systems carries Blu-Ray duplicators from Xerox, Copy Master, Vinpower Digital, Microboards and All Pro Solutions. Call our Sales Dept. at 800-440-4142 with all your Blu-Ray questions.


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