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Phoenix Series Bluetooth Stereo Speaker

Phoenix Series Bluetooth Stereo Speaker with Microphone

Use in your:
• Car • Home • Office • Even Outdoors!
* Play high quality music from your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Blackberry, Android or other smartphones without cables!
* Check email, twitter, surf the web, etc. while listening to your music!
* Built-in microphone allows you to make and answer phone calls from your phoenix Speaker!
* Wirelessly Connect to your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone or PC!
* Works with batteries or AC adaptor!

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Improved search at

For the longest time users could not pass search results to each other by links. The problem was the search query was not being stored in the URL. The old way was

Primera recently improved its search by passing the search value in the URL. This means users can now share search results with each other by passing the link shown in the address bar after a search in executed.

For example:

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Get Blu-Ray for the Price of CD/DVD!

For the month of December, buy a VinPower Cronus CD/DVD Publisher and get upgraded to the Blu-Ray model for FREE.

With the introduction of the Cronus 2, Vinpower Digital has a fully automated asynchronous duplicator with a high-speed printer for an attractive and complete duplicated and printed disc. With a 220-disc capacity, the Cronus 2 can run numerous jobs without human intervention after the job(s) are submitted. This will help speed up production and reduce overall costs!

The Cronus 2 is available as CD/DVD only or with Blu-ray capability and comes with many advanced applications such as:

• Networking support (Client/Server)
• Job Queue: Supports the ability to queue multiple jobs for unattended operation.
• Email notification when jobs are complete or the reporting of an error condition.
• Powerful Label Design software
• Quick Text Printing (Text Overlapping)
• Serial # / Barcode Printing support
• Job Report Generating
• Multiple Job Queue Management Support
• Web Based Administration
• Adjustable Layouts for customized viewing
• Multi-master read-in support: Users can read-in a stack of masters and create CDI or ISO images.
• Hardware can be integrated within existing customer base software for greater implementation within the environment.


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Xmas Gift Ideas

Octave Systems has great Xmas gift ideas at


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