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VinPower Cronus 4 Publishing System

The Cronus 4 from Vinpower Digital offers all of the outstanding capabilities and features as the Cronus 2 models, but comes with a total of 4 writer drives and up to 500 disc capacity. The Cronus 4 is built for greater production and speed, especially for the emerging Blu-ray duplication market. With specific models of the Cronus 4 now available with a high-performance 480GB solid-state drive (SSD), allows for true 12x asynchronous duplication, which is unmatched in the industry. The Cronus 4 also offers many traditional publishing features including high speed copy + print, asynchronous operation, ability to operate over a network, etc. Combine all this with the added ability to embed BD* and DVD video copy protection onto all duplicated discs and there is no reason to look anywhere else.


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TinyURL – Works Great!!

Enter a long URL to make tiny:

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Nexcopy SuperSpeed 3.0 USB Duplicator

Jan 19, 2011 — Nexcopy Inc., a leading manufacturer in USB Duplicator solutions, announces the release of a 16 target SuperSpeed 3.0 USB duplicator for data loading to USB 3.0 devices.

The new 3.0 USB Duplicators from Nexcopy provide ultra fast data copying via the SuperSpeed USB specification. The new USB 3.0 Duplicator systems will reach maximum data transfer rates for the given device connected. The Nexcopy SSUSB160PC is a PC based system giving the user flexible configuration options as a network resource or dedicated binary bit for bit USB copier.

  • All new 16 target SuperSpeed 3.0 USB Duplicator by Nexcopy
  • SuperSpeed USB specifications increases performance by an average of 150% from USB 2.0 technology
  • Feature rich Nexcopy Drive Manager Software supports all formats, FAT, FAT32, NTFS, ext2, ext3, HFS, Unix and IMG files
  • Short image or Full image binary copy from physical master device
  • Bit for bit verification function to ensure 100% accuracy
  • ssusb160pc-m

    “We are very excited about this release,” reports Greg Morris, President of Nexcopy. “We can pivot off increased bandwidth of USB 3.0 super speeds and offer a system with three times the performance of USB 2.0 USB Duplicators. With USB 3.0 hard drives and flash drives becoming mainstream in 2011 our SSUSB160PC solves the problem of newer storage peripherals receiving data loads from legacy USB technologies.”

    The new SSUSB160PC is a 16 target USB duplicator with an MSRP of $1,499. The initial SSUSB160PC release will include all the software features of the Standard Nexcopy Drive Manager Software. A Professional version of the Nexcopy Drive Manager software will include advanced functions which include USB CD-ROM emulation, USB partition and USB write protection capabilities. The Professional Software version is expected to ship before end of Q1 2011.

    Morris continues, “With the new SuperSpeed USB Duplicator, Nexcopy took the opportunity to completely redesign the aggregator box. The new design is now 40% lighter than the previous USB Duplicator box and is top loading for an ergonomic experience by the operator. The SSUSB160PC is made of anodized aluminum with silver bezel and deep blue side accents giving it a contemporary look and finish. This new light weight design makes our USB Duplicators an ideal solution for portable data loading centers and excellent for in-field applications such as trade shows, conferences and live events.”

    The SuperSpeed 3.0 USB Duplicators are compact in size, take very little desk real-estate and moderately priced for today’s budget conscience corporate buyer [starting at $1,499]. The SSUSB160PC is immediately available. Learn more about these USB Duplicator systems: Octave Systems for USB Duplictors

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    Vinpower Digital External USB 3.0 Blu-ray Burner

    With BD-R media becoming less and less expensive, it has become a more commonly used product as a recordable media source. Since the large capacity BD-R media is the best format to record high definition video or for large capacity storage, it only makes sense that as it becomes more affordable, the usage would increase. The problem is that most computers still only offer DVD writer drives for burning recordable CD and DVD discs. It is for that reason that Vinpower Digital has begun offering our latest line of external USB connected Blu-ray writer drives. The Vinpower USB 3.0 external Blu-ray burner (also backwards compatible with USB 2.0) brings you 10X BD-R & 16x DVD±R write speed, along with LightScribe printing capability. Using an external writer allows the user to work with any computer as opposed to being tied to a single computer for all their BD-R, BD-R DL or BD-RE recording needs.


    Another factor in Blu-ray disc recording is the transfer rate speed. Even though the drive can record at 10x speed, if the USB connection cannot transmit the data fast enough, then the burn speed will still remain at a much slower rate. That’s why Vinpower chose to offer this external writer with a USB 3.0 connection (backwards compatible with USB 2.0) for the fastest speed possible. Now, there are no worries about how to transfer content on to a Blu-ray disc or how long it will take. Simply use the Vinpower USB 3.0 external Blu-ray writer drive and you will be at the head of the curve too.

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    VinPower Digital Showing New Controller

    Vinpower Digital will unveil their latest controller series at CES, showcasing its many new advanced feature sets and capabilities.

    CES is often where companies introduce the latest and greatest new or upcoming product lines and for Vinpower Digital, that’s no exception. We will be unveiling our latest generation controller, which is available on selected SharkCopier and Xerox Duplicator lines. This new line of controllers offers numerous added features and capabilities, such as the option of Multi-file PC Connect, enhanced BD duplication speed, and so much more.

    In addition, the latest version of the 1 to 3 and 1 to 7 controller series allows an added writer drive to be added if a HDD is not installed, making them essentially 1 to 4 or 1 to 8 versions. Adding the additional writer adds greater production without adding costs or reducing the duplication speed or quality.


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    MicroBoards PrintWrite 2 Software

    Microboards is proud to announce PrintWrite 2 disc publishing software will begin shipping with all G3, CX-1, MX-1, and MX-2 Disc Publishers beginning in January.

    PrintWrite 2 disc publishing software brings all current Microboards disc publishers to life with networking capabilities and other ingenious new features, including a simplified one-screen interface.

    Users will easily be able to narrow down exactly what their publishers should do—whether that means burning a stack of DVD Videos, printing labels on your latest audio CD, or making hundreds of copies of crucial data on Blu-ray Discs. PrintWrite2’s powerful tools make any disc production job painless. With the latest interface, users can clearly see all aspects of a production job in one enhanced pane. Recent disc labels are displayed for quick selection, and pop-out tabs display vital publisher and job status information.


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    Primera Launches Bravo 4100-Series Disc Duplicators and Printers

    What can you do in six (6) seconds? Poor a cup of coffee, staples some papers or print a full disc with the new Bravo 4100-Series Disc Duplicators. Check out the speed test video here:

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    Copy Master Specials!

    Octave Systems is offering some great specials for January on their Copy Master line of duplicators.

    Buy any Copy Master Sony, Pioneer or LightScribe 2 thru 15 drive Duplicator and get the USB 2.0 w/CopyConnect option for Free. An $89 savings!!

    Buy any Copy Master 11 or 12 drive duplicator and get a Bluetooth Stereo Headset for Free. A $79 savings!

    Buy and 13, 14 or 15 drive Copy Master and get a Bluetooth Stereo Speaker for Free. An $89 Savings!


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