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Good labels help your brand

Primera did a small write up about how using a color label printer to produce your product labels can help your brand. Please check it out here:

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Free DVD-R Promo!!

All Pro Solutions is currently running the following unbeatable offer. Receive FREE, 1,000 white printable DVDs with the purchase of either a Zeus or Olympus CD/DVD publishing system. Offer is valid throughout the duration of the NCAA College Basketball Tournament, March 14th to April 4th, 2011.


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Titan Lite II with Flipper

Vinpower Digital is proud to announce the release of the TITAN lite auto LightScribe publishing system with the unique disc flipping mechanism.

The TITAN lite has long been a popular midsize autoloader with its 3 writer drives and 100, or optional 200, disc capacity. The unit is available as a standard DVD, Blu-ray or LightScribe capable standalone duplicator. Now, we incorporated a new element that has drastically improved the TITAN lite’s stature and functionality! For the first time ever, the TITAN lite will be available with a disc flipping mechanism, which is especially useful when producing recorded material that requires a simple but yet high quality printed surface.

Using LightScribe capable media, the system will place the picked disc into a writer drive. The finished duplicated discs are then transported over the disc flipper and printed. The user merely selects the master contents for the data file and the print file, from the system’s HDD and instructs the TITAN lite the total quantity required.


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Vinpower Digital offers secure erase!

Vinpower Digital offers the secure erase feature on all flash (USB, SD, etc.) duplicators for added protection to ensure all deleted content is unrecoverable.

Vinpower’s line of flash duplicators, which include USB, SD & Micro SD, as well as CF and HDD coming soon, offer not only the best and most reliable duplication, but also the most secure erase feature amongst competing products. Vinpower has developed a method whereby the content stored on a flash device can be wiped away completely.

This is a very critical feature, especially when dealing with organizations, like government agencies, that cannot allow content to be recovered after being erased. Within many government agencies, often times there are classified materials that need to be removed before the flash devices can be used again. Vinpower can ensure the complete deletion of any and all content.

Plus, it’s also important for non-classified material just to make sure there is no content mix-up when duplicating new data. Unlike a write-once optical disc, flash devices may have content previously written on them, so it’s important to erase the previous content before loading new content. Check it out for yourself and put our guarantee to the test. Call Octave Systems Sales at 800-440-4142.


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