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MF Digital Cougar CD DVD Duplicator

MF Digital, an industry leader in disc duplicator equipment has announced the release of its latest product – The Asynchronous Cougar 6600.

Cougar is a high volume, high speed, industrial standalone production duplicator. With 600 disc capacity and 6 CD / DVD drives, Cougar delivers fast operation with its full Asynchronous mode. By eliminating the need to wait for all drives to load as used in limited technology Synchronous systems, Cougar outperforms most 8 drive synchronous mode competitors.

Cougar has been built on our industrial light-weight cast aluminium chassis. Cougar offers easy to use intuitive front panel keypad operation, high capacity, high speed operation and provides the key ability for the system to be expanded for high volume operational requirements.

MF Digital’s CougarNET command module software allows full control of 1 to 100 Cougar systems– send jobs to any Cougar on the network with as little as two key depressions.

Included is an embedded PC running Windows 7 Pro complimented with a massive 500GB hard drive for massive image storage.

Along with these features are those that you expect from MF Digital such as intelligent spindle select and job relay modes. Designed and manufactured within the USA, supported worldwide with free lifetime software upgrades – Cougar 6600 is the leading solution for high volume production requirements.

Cougar is available now, priced at $4046 ready to go.

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VinPower Duplicators Use Special Sony Drives

Although many may think that CD duplication is dead, or a dying business sector, our findings show that there’s still a very healthy market that is becoming more and more ignored. CD duplication, in particular audio CD duplication, can be tricky, and if the media or the drives are not of certain quality, the recorded discs could come out with audible distortions or other issues, which make the CD recordings pointless and discouraging to those still working to support this customer base.

Vinpower cares about every segment of duplication from CD to BDXL and we don’t feel that customers should compromise in their efforts to burn CD audio material.

That’s why Vinpower teamed up with Sony to source a unique DVD-RW writer drive, which was made especially for the duplication market and offers exquisite CD duplication as well as DVD. Vinpower has been building manual tower and automated duplication equipment installed with the Sony Optiarc brand of burners for many years, ensuring high quality and reliability.

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NexCopy USB200PRO USB Duplicator

Nexcopy introduces the Professional Series USB Duplicator with CD-ROM, Read Only and Partition features for advanced USB data loading requirements: the USB200PRO. With advanced copy features, small foot print and simple operation, the USB200PRO is an economical solution for creating CD-ROM and Read Only USB flash drives.

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A Whole New World of Opportunities in USB Duplication

Recently it was announced that the avant-garde Rock & Roll band, The Flaming Lips, would release a series of new songs in innovatively creative methods. One publicized account of this is how they will create a life-size replica of a human skull made out of an edible gummy delectable. Inside this gummy skull will be a gummy brain, which inside that will contain a USB pen drive with 3 new songs stored on it.

Of course, the gummy skull and brain seem out of the ordinary but the fact that The Flaming Lips are providing new musical content on a flash drive is actually becoming more mainstream than we may think. Practically all new TV’s, cars, and of course computers have a jack to plug in a USB device, allowing its contents to be viewed or played directly. So, with the decreasing price and capability of making unique customized/personalized USB pen drives and the easy method of mass duplication through standalone duplication equipment, like VinPower Digital’s 1 to 63 tower, it looks like flash will have a much greater influence in the world of digital content dissemination.

Not only will the Vinpower line of USB duplicators allow the user to make quick reliable copies of their digital content stored on a USB connected device, but also it can protect sensitive material from leaking out from older pen drives through its secure erase feature. The secure erase feature will clear all previous content from a pen drive, thereby making it impossible to recover. This pen drive can be used to store new content again and again, as often as needed, without concern of unwanted or confidential information remaining.

Check out the Vinpower Digital line of USB duplicators at

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