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All Pro Solutions Auto Speedjet Printer

All Pro Solutions is proud to announce the release of the NEW entry-level and cost-effective automated version of the popular SpeedJet inkjet printer: The Auto SpeedJet.

The Auto SpeedJet printer automatically prints up to a 100 disc capacity unattended through means of an ultra-high speed disc loading mechanism simply by hooking it up to a computer via USB connection.

To keep printing costs to the minimum, the Auto SpeedJet uses non-proprietary ink cartridges. Replacement ink can be found at any office supply store carrying genuine HP ink cartridges. The 4800 dpi maximum ink resolution creates true color, photo quality prints on top of any inkjet printable surface CD, DVD, or Blu-Ray Disc. And while the Auto SpeedJet comes standard with disc labeling software, use any graphics application of your choice. There is no need for specialized multi-disc printing software. Just enter how many copies you need in the print dialog box of any label design software and come back when all discs are printed.


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VinPower CopyConnect USB 3.0

Vinpower’s popular method of transferring content from a PC to the Duplicator’s HDD is now available using USB 3.0 for faster transfer rates.

When Vinpower introduced the Copy Connection feature, which allows users to transfer content from a PC on to the Duplicator’s internal hard drive (HDD), it was seen as a tremendous time saver in the duplication process. Prior to Vinpower offering Copy Connection, users had to take extra time to burn a master disc from their PC and then take that disc and load it manually into their duplicator, before they could even produce a single copy. The Copy Connect feature eliminated those unnecessary steps and reduced the time it would take to start the duplication process.

The only delay in the Copy Connect process would be the transfer rate from the PC to the Duplicator. Now, with USB 3.0* available, that transfer time will be cut down drastically! USB 3.0 has a transfer rate of up to 5Gbit/s. With the added USB 3.0 support as an available option to any device that offers the Copy Connection feature, any size files for any format media, can be transferred in seconds.

Contact Octave Systems today to learn more about the optional USB 3.0 Copy Connection offering.

*USB 3.0 is an optional add-on. USB 2.0 will be the standard connection unless USB 3.0 is requested at the time of order.

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An Insider Blog about Primera

Paul Avery runs a blog giving an insider view of what is going on at Primera. Only public information, sorry no secrets. You can check it out here:

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Vinpower September Special

September Special – Free USB 2.0 with Multi-File CopyConnect with the purchase of any Vinpower SharkNet Duplicator.

With the CopyConnect feature, included as a standard feature on all Sharknet duplicators, customers can drag and drop an ISO data file from the hard drive of a computer to the hard drive of the duplicator and begin making copies, all without having to make a master disc. This is an extremely useful feature but somewhat limiting, in that the only recognized file type is an ISO 9600+Joliet formatted file. Some customers have requested a version of the CopyConnect feature that is even easier to use. In response to these requests, Vinpower Digital has introduced an enhanced version of CopyConnect, called Multi-File CopyConnect. This allows a user to drag a file folder to the hard drive of the duplicator and use this to burn discs. With the advent of this enhanced feature, users do not need to know how to make an ISO file, sometimes a difficult concept for non-technical users.

Julie Hanson from Vinpower Digital states “We have found that many purchasers of Sharknet units see value in the upgrade to Multi-File CopyConnect and will therefore work with Octave Systems to provide an exclusive promotion in September to include this update free.”

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