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Vinpower Archival Media Kit

Vinpower’s bundled archival media kit is the perfect solution for any size business or even individuals looking for long-term storage of important digital files. Keeping back-ups on optical media is becoming more and more important as it’s the only true incorruptible and safest method of storage. Optical discs are the only medium that cannot be altered or infected with viruses after data have been stored on them. Flash media like USB or hard drives, even with encryption software, can be altered, or infected with viruses or spyware that can compromise the information stored. Also, and even worse for the casual consumer, the data stored can be erased, leaving potentially critical files or priceless mementoes, like pictures, gone forever. Even the new craze of Cloud storage can be hacked or subject to exposure, which could again lead to information being altered, erased, or even distributed to parties that were not intended to view or have knowledge of that information. Even traditional DVD or CD media is not completely safe as time and environment could cause saved data to eventually erode and potentially disappear or the disc can become unreadable, which prevents data content recovery.

Vinpower’s line of M-DISC™ archival media will allow any user to copy any digital content onto these optical discs and know that it will remain exactly as it was for decades, potentially even centuries. Plus, by keeping it on a physical media, the user can safely lock up the disc(s) preventing potential unknown hackers from capturing the content. The Vinpower M-DISC™ is the perfect choice for safety and longevity for any digital content from confidential documents to pictures of your child’s first birthday party!

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Vinpower Digital and USB3.0

Vinpower Duplicators have long been using the USB connector to allow the user to transfer content from a computer to either a single drive or directly to the duplicator’s hard drive (HDD). This method is often the easiest or only method by which the user can create the master disc or upload the master content onto the duplicator’s HDD.When it comes to CD or DVD, the transfer rate of the USB 2.0 (rated at 60MBytes/sec) was adequate.

Now, we are living in the world of Blu-ray and disc capacity is growing by leaps and bounds. The older USB 2.0 transfer rate is just not going to cut it when you need to burn or transfer anywhere from 25GB’s to over 100GB’s of data. At that rate it could take hours to make a single Blu-ray master disc.

The Vinpower USB 3.0 connection is compatible with all of Vinpower’s advanced USB connected features such as PC Connection, Drag & Drop, Copy Protection and others. The USB 3.0 PC connection also supports ISO, NRG and multi-file drag and drop for all formats at a much faster speed than USB 2.0.

With the introduction and the implementation by Vinpower of USB 3.0, (transfer rate up to 5Gbit/s and backwards compatible with USB 2.0), available on all manual tower and specific autoloader duplicators, the transfer time will be knocked down to minutes or even seconds.This will enable those looking to duplicate content onto Blu-ray discs, the ability to transfer that data through the USB 3.0 onto a master disc or the duplicator’s HDD rapidly and eliminate wasted time getting started.

Contact Octave Systems today to learn more about the USB 3.0 connection offering.

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