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Nexcopy Releases DoD Erase and USB3.0

Nexcopy Inc., announces DoD erase functions for USB, SD and microSD media along with full support for USB 3.0 flash drives.

  • Department Of Defense (DoD) Erase function
  • DoD erase is three cycle write process of 0’s – 1’s – 0’s.
  • Erase function supports USB, SD and microSD media
  • Standalone USB duplicators fully support USB 3.0 flash drives

Updated firmware for the Nexcopy standalone USB duplicator systems supports a variety of erase functions. The Full Erase function writes a cycle of zero’s to all sectors of a flash memory device and clears out any partition tables. In addition, the Nexcopy firmware supports Department of Defense (DoD) Erase functions which meets government security standards. The DoD Erase function employs a three cycle write pattern where a first pass of Zero’s are written to the entire device, a second pass of One’s are written to the entire device and finally a third pass of Zero’s are written to all areas of the flash device. Through this redundancy write cycle process there is no chance to recover residual files on a flash memory device.

“Nexcopy is very excited about our DoD erase firmware update to standalone USB duplicator systems.” reports Greg Morris, President of Nexcopy. “We have seen increased demand for erase functions for flash memory, including business sectors from the banking industry and telecommunications industry. Our goal of continued product development and improvement has paid off, and Nexcopy can now supply a durable solution for these needs.”

Nexcopy’s firmware update includes additional driver support for new USB 3.0 flash drives. The new release insures nearly all USB 3.0 flash drives will work flawlessly on the Nexcopy standalone USB duplicator systems. With full support of 3.0 devices means the user will see higher speed data transfer rates during Copy and Verification procedures.

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Vinpower Aero 6 Drive Now Available

The Vinpower Aero series is now available with 6 drives and 660 disc capacity. The Aero is the perfect blend of old traditional values and new supped up technology. Plus with a price point below most other similar loaders on the market, The Aero series makes the most sense financially as well as performance wise. The Aero 6 drives autoloader is the top choice for any company or individual that needs to duplicate medium to large jobs in the shortest period of time!


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