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Xerox DVD Duplicators

In a move that will help protect documents, records, photographs and other digital data for up to 1,000 years, Xerox Corporation (NYSE: XRX) announced that all of its DVD Duplicators now can copy content onto specialized DVDs that are designed to last for centuries.

As more businesses and individuals store content on digital mediums, such as CDs, hard drives, flash drives and servers, there is greater potential for content to inadvertently get erased or corrupted. With this in mind, Xerox , through a licensing agreement with Vinpower Digital, will enable all Xerox DVD Duplicators to copy digital content onto the long lasting Vinpower M-DISC™ 4.7GB recordable media.

Different from traditional DVDs, the M-DISC utilizes an inorganic stone-like material on the write layer that is extremely resistant to heat, light, humidity, and oxidation, leading causes of data loss and content corruption on conventional DVDs. When tested by the U.S. Department of Defense Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division, the M-DISC was the only media out of five competing brands to retain the data burned onto it without degradation, even when subject to the highest degree of ultraviolet rays and inclement weather.

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All Pro Solutions Auto Speedjet Printer

The Auto SpeedJet printer automatically prints up to a 100 disc capacity unattended through means of an ultra-high speed disc loading mechanism simply by hooking it up to a computer via USB connection.

To keep printing costs to the minimum, the Auto SpeedJet uses non-proprietary ink cartridges. Replacement ink can be found at any office supply store carrying genuine HP ink cartridges. The 4800 dpi maximum ink resolution creates true color, photo quality prints on top of any inkjet printable surface CD, DVD, or Blu-Ray Disc. And while the Auto SpeedJet comes standard with disc labeling software, use any graphics application of your choice. There is no need for specialized multi-disc printing software. Just enter how many copies you need in the print dialog box of any label design software and come back when all discs are printed.


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All Pro Zeus User Notifications!

What if you run a critical job overnight that is time sensitive and something happens that causes the machine to stop? Rest assured that you will be notified immediately via either NetSend or regular email so you can take care of the problem in a timely manner. With almost all mobile phones now using email accounts, you can now get a quick message direct to your phone. Wasted time is averted and production is back up and running.

Within the Zeus Series Publishers, you can notify users, computers or e-mail addresses via either NetSend messenger service or SMTP outgoing email.

Notifications will be sent if one or more of the following occurs:

  • All jobs in the list have been completed without error.
  • All jobs in the list have been completed, but an error occurred.
  • Every job has been completed without an error.
  • Every job has been completed with an error.
  • The system requires an operator action.
  • A device has been disabled because of a hardware problem.


This function utilizes the Windows “net send” command which allows sending messages to computers or users within an LAN. To use this function, the Messenger Service must be running on both the local and the remote computer.


This protocol allows sending messages to internet e-mail addresses. To use SMTP, an SMTP host and a sender address must be specified. The SMTP host should be configured to accept SMTP connections from the computer running the PPNG Server. Also, it must not require SMTP-after-POP authentication. The sender address will be added to the generated e-mail, so that the recipient knows where the e-mail originates. It is not necessary to create a special email account for PPNG Server as you can also use your own e-mail.

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Aero Series now offers Copy Protection

Vinpower Digital has offered DVD video copy protection for quite some time with very positive acceptance in the marketplace. (The Blu-ray version of copy protection will be introduced in the near future). Until now, this feature was solely offered in our line of manual tower and large TITAN Supreme autoloader duplicators or our PC enabled robotic loaders, such as the Cronus systems. With the unstable economy, there were still users that need greater throughput and overnight duplication ability afforded by an autoloader, but don’t have the budget for the larger TITAN Supreme. So Vinpower has integrated the copy protection capability in the smaller less expensive, yet equally effective, Aero series of standalone autoloader duplicators. The Aero series is available in 2, 4, & 6 drive configurations with disc capacity from 220 up to 660 discs depending on the model. Contact Octave Systems to receive additional information about this upgraded product line and pricing.


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Primera Wins Best Duplicator Award from Videomaker!

BEST Duplicator!!

Videomaker’s Best Products of the Year:Primera Bravo 4102 Disc Publisher

Primera Bravo 4102 Disc Publisher
The Primera Bravo 4102 Disc Publisher features easy set up of the unit and projects, fast and accurate burning, fast printing, a user replaceable print head and individual ink cartridges for greater economy. The included PTPublisher software gives you a variety of project options including data, audio, copy, video and disc image projects. You can also print-only, rip audio discs to iTunes or Windows Media Player as well as back up files and folders. A fantastic performer, the Primera Bravo 4102 Disc Publisher takes Videomaker’s Best Duplicator honors for 2011.


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