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ABS Filament for Personal 3D Printers

There are a variety of very different types of 3D printing technologies, but they all share one core thing in common: they create a three dimensional object creating it layer by successive layer, until the entire object is complete.

In that regard, Octave Systems now carries the replacement filament for the personal desktop 3D printers. Choose the high quality 1.75 mm filament from Octave, available in 12 different colors, or the official Up! filament available in white.

Octave’s high quality ABS filament, manufactured to very tight tolerances and a wide extruder temperature range, making for smoother 3D printing, and fewer extruder nozzle problems.

Please call our Sales Dept. at 800-626-8539 if you have any questions about the ABS Filament.


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Nexcopy Update In a flash

Did you know the Nexcopy Standalone USB duplicators make great SD and microSD duplicators as well? When a customer requests it, Nexcopy will ship free SD or microSD card adapters with a duplicator order. The card readers do not slow down the copy process…in addition the end-user now has two machines…a USB duplicator and SD [or] microSD duplicator.


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Another reason to buy Vinpower Duplicators!

Vinpower Digital announced that they have officially certified the specially enhanced Sony Optiarc 5280-CB drive for use within its series of duplicators and duplicator controllers. Vinpower helped Sony Optiarc develop the CB series of drives, which were created to improve the burning performance and results for mass duplication in a simultaneous multi-drive recording environment. Vinpower officially adopted the drives in 2005 and many prominent manufacturers of duplication equipment followed suit over the years.

The 5280-CB drive boasts many advantages to the standard half height burner drives, including Sony Optiarc’s own standard model 7480-OB and 5280-OB burner drives in the following ways:

Better Burning Quality:
• Secure Media Speed Stability – Ensures that media duplication speed does not exceed encoded maximum rates to provide better burning control and virtually eliminates bad burns.
• Enhanced Recording Stabilization Control – Ensures all drives in a single duplication environment burn uniformly to avoid disproportionate speed fluctuations, which lead either to failed discs or less compatible completed discs.
• DVD+R DL Overburn – Can extend the listed capacity from 8.5GB up to 8.7GB* to allow the user to capture more content on a single DVD+R DL disc.
• Stable Recording Control – The drives have an extensive database of media specs and are better able to communicate and convey these details while burning the disc(s) at ultimate speed.

Greater Compatibility with blank media and media players:
• Stable burning throughout – Provides consistent and reliable burning of any file type for the duration of the duplication progress to ensure the recorded media has far greater reliability of playback or that the discs will successfully copy to begin with.
• Enhanced Compatibility for DVD+R media – Ensuring greater compatibility with DVD Players
• Enhanced CD-R Duplication – Limits potential distortion in CD-R audio duplication
• Enhanced Compatibility for CD+G media – Ensuring greater compatibility with Karaoke players
• Supports 99 minute CD-R – Allows CD-R media to be over-burned effectively to 99 minutes

Drives Last Longer:
• Built using sturdier components – Compared to alternative drives, this model was built using the true Japanese design and parts lists for a stronger and more reliable system.
• Less Wear and Tear – since there are fewer bad burns, the system is able to complete its jobs in less burns meaning a prolonged life for the drives themselves due to less use
• Industrial tray gears & pulleys – provides a more stable disc loading tray for a longer life cycle (1 cycle equals 1 tray extend from and then return into the drive)
• Enhanced Error Reporting – Provides greater details as to the cause of any potential duplication failure during the Lead-In
Works with Robotic Duplication Equipment:
• Accurate Tray Extension – Provides reliable consistent tray extension for Robotic Duplication System

The 5280-CB drive is immediately available. Please contact Octave Systems for more details in regards to the benefits and capabilities of this drive.

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