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All ABS is Not created equal!

By Drew Petitclerc » Thu May 24, 2012 3:18 am

Hello everyone, I love my printer and as some of you may know my “Day job” is as a “Senior Principle Designer” with the largest hard drive company, I design clean room tooling and testing equipment for very high volume, tight tolerance manufacturing line, I have been performing this job since 1980.

Since getting my printer I have purchased a lot of plastic spools from many suppliers and had a lot of varying success, the following statements are based on my experience only and you all know yours may vary, but I thought it would be nice to have a start point for this.

The one thing I have done repeatedly with ever ABS roll I have is to print a “Bearing spool holder” with the new plastic, I use the same settings every time, Normal, 0.2 layer, raftless, normal support setting. This is what I use to support the spools for my printer since I removed the hanger and pre-feeder motor from it.
I find this can tell me a lot right away about the formula of the plastic.

The consideration I will use is on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the original OEM plastic from PP3DP, this takes into account the following measurement criteria.

1. How well it melts/extrudes.
2. How well it sticks to the Kapton tape on my glass build plate.
3. How much lift or warp it has inherent.
4. Ease of raft-support removal.
5. How well does it hold tolerance, inside-outside diameters and dimensional surface to surface.
6. Overall surface finish, texture of finished plastic part.
7. Last (for me at least) is cost, not including shipping (varies). For this comparison we will consider 1kg spools of ABS.
So let’s start, in no particular order I will talk about one supplier at a time.


• 15 colors with an average 1kg cost of about $51.00 each (I have bought 1 of each color).
• Average overall rating is 4 (cost consideration) .
• Standout performance by White for best surface finish
• Lowest performance by Silver with more “Stick to raft/support” removal issues.

3D Printer Stuff

• 10 colors with an average 1kg cost of about $36.00 each (I have bought 1 of each color).
• Average overall rating is 6.
• Standout performance by Purple for best surface finish
• Lowest performance by Yellow with more “Lift/warp” issues.

Octave Systems Inc. … index.html

• 18 colors with an average 1kg cost of about $34.99 each(I have bought 3 spools).
• Average overall rating is 9.
• Standout performance by Orange for best surface finish (best closest to OEM performance).
• Lowest performance by none, not a large enough sample yet.

Maker Gear

• Various colors (low count) with an average 1kg cost of about $46.00 each (I have bought 3 spools).
• Average overall rating is 3 (in stock varies too much).
• Standout performance none.
• Lowest performance none.

Amazon … 1333480720
• Various colors with an average 1kg cost of about $35.00 each (I have bought 1, Gold).
• Average overall rating is 7 (in stock varies too much but a good deal can be found).
• Standout performance Gold for best surface finish (best closest to OEM performance).
• Lowest performance none, not a large enough sample yet.

3D Ink

• 8 colors with an average 1kg cost of about $34.95 each (I have bought 1, Purple).
• Average overall rating is 4 (in stock varies too much, out most of the time).
• Standout performance Purple (only color I have).
• Lowest performance none, not a large enough sample yet.

This all I have for now, I will post another time about my experience with PLA.

I hope this will be helpful, I have my preference list now and it is fortunate for me that my number one preferred reseller is located here in the valley so my list from first to last is this.

1. Octave Systems Inc. 😀
2. MakerBot 🙂
3. 3D Printer Stuff 😉
4. Amazon 😉
5. Maker Gear 🙁
6. 3D Ink 😮

My rating of who I will buy from is based on performance then cost, then in stock selection.

I thank you for listening and happy printing.

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Does HDD Duplication Speed Make a Difference

Vinpower announced the recent release of its Hard Drive (HDD) Duplicator, boasting the exceptionally fast duplication speed of max 150MB/sec. That’s all well and good, but what does that mean in real time duplication and will it really make a difference in the time it takes to duplicate a HDD?

When you look at many of the competing HDD Duplicators, you’ll find that most of them top out at around 90MB/sec. So if you look at it more closely, that means the Vinpower HDD Duplicator can copy approx. 9GB/min, while the competition can only copy at 5GB/min. So, if you extrapolate that out over a now standard 500GB HDD, in theory, the Vinpower duplicator can copy the entire HDD in less than 30 minutes while the competition will take nearly an hour to complete. Take that further to a 2TB HDD and the time gap between the two becomes even further apart. The Vinpower unit, using the same criteria, could take less than 4 hours to copy while the competition would take nearly 7 hours to complete.

I don’t know about you, but I can think of much better things to do with my 3 hours than wait for a duplication job to finish. So if your time and money is important to you, I would recommend you read the specs carefully and judge for yourself which type of HDD Duplicator you’d rather use, the one that saves you time or the one you’re constantly waiting on, I know what I’d choose.

Article by Ryan Swerdloff

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Vinpower Copyconnect Now for Mac!

Vinpower’s famed CopyConnect feature, which allows users to transfer files directly from a computer to a Vinpower duplicator, initially was only available for PC’s. Now Vinpower has created an interface that allows this feature to work with Apple’s line of Mac computers as well. This is a huge advancement in the duplication field as Vinpower is the first to offer this useful feature for both the PC and Mac platforms.

This application is particularly important in the creative world as most graphic designers and creative professionals prefer to use a Mac for its greater graphics and programing in this field. The biggest problem is that either most Macs come with no optical drives, or they only offer a DVD writer, leaving those needing to burn content on Blu-ray discs out in the cold. That is why Vinpower’s CopyConnect feature for a Mac is such a useful application. Not only will it save time in the overall duplication process by sending files directly to the duplicator’s HDD, it will also allow the user to burn their large and small files onto any format of discs, especially Blu-ray, which is not even an option on any Mac.

So, if you are a Mac user and you have content that you need to burn onto 1 or multiple discs, Vinpower offers the best solution.

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