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Sony Optiarc CB CD DVD Burners

What makes the Sony –CB drives the preferred writer drive for the duplication market?

Vinpower has been spreading the news that the specially enhanced DVD/CD Sony Optiarc CB writer drives are better than other models for multi-drive duplication. Many of you may wonder, how we can make this claim, as just looking at the specs, all DVD/CD writer drives look the same.

The critical difference lies in both the quality of the components used to manufacture the drive and the proper calibration of these elements specifically for the duplication market. To write to a disc, a drive will use a laser diode that burns digital data onto the reflective side of the disc. Of course, the laser will generate heat and for every degree increase in the temperature, the drive will need to recalibrate the laser diode as to how strong the laser needs to be to write the data onto the disc. The wider the variance in temperature variance, the lower the ultimate burn quality will be.

Now with most end users that burn a discs every once in a while, the drive will not heat up enough to make a noticeable difference. However, when it comes to those that frequently need to duplicate discs in large quantities through multi-drive duplication towers, it will make a huge difference. Most standard drives base their burning principals on typical PC usage, so they can reduce costs by not fine-tuning the laser calibration as stringently. This reduction is the attention to detail is recognizable by duplicating a large number of discs and comparing the disc burned 1st to one of the final discs burned and you’ll find multiple irregularities between the two.

In the case of the Sony CB drives, Vinpower worked with Sony to determine the absolute best calibration timing and variance so that every duplicated disc will identical in quality and appearance. That is why Vinpower uses the Sony CB drive exclusively for their CD/DVD duplicators.

By Ryan Swerdloff

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Bulk-Read CDs & DVDs Automatically

Do you have hundreds if not thousands of CDs and DVDs just laying around collecting dust? Do you want to somehow store them all on a hard drive but don’t have the time to do it manually? Now you can with the Zeus Series’ automated Bulk-Read feature! just stack all your CDs and DVDs in the Zeus’s input bins, select the format in which you want the discs copied and walk away! The Zeus will do the rest for you and let you know when it’s finished. The Bulk-Read feature is an additional license option which is available for the Zeus 2, 4, and 7 drive copy-print systems as well as the Zeus 8 copy-only system. The Bulk-Read license will also be available for all Olympus 2, 4, and 7 drive models as well.

Bulk-Read Features:
• Copy media automatically to hard drive.
• Store media content as disc images or as directory structure.
• Read CD, DVD, and BD, all at the same time!
• System keeps detailed log of the entire process.

The systems within the Zeus Series are fully automated self-contained CD DVD Blu-Ray publishers with a built-in PC similar to the Olympus series but not quite as advanced. The systems are asynchronous and can be configured with 2 drives with up to 330 capacity, 4 drives with up to 630 capacity, and 7 drives with up to 900 capacity all with inkjet or thermal disc printers. Simply add a monitor, keyboard and mouse and you have a complete publishing or duplication system at your fingertips.

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BD-R Burners best for CD DVD Duplication

By Ryan Swerdloff

Not only are Blu-ray drives necessary for copying BD-R media, but they are also the preferred choice for duplicating recordable CD and DVD media as well.

The general notion is one should use the tool specified for a given task. Take for instance; you would not use a hammer for a job requiring a screwdriver. However, there are occasions where a hybrid tool is better and more efficient to perform multiple tasks, such as a Swiss Army Knife, then multiple individual tools. The Blu-ray writer drive is much like a Swiss Army Knife where it has two separate OPU’s and can perform multiple tasks from a single device. One of the OPU’s is a blue laser for reading/writing Blu-ray media and the other is the standard red laser for reading/writing CD and DVD media.

Now many will ask, what makes the red laser in the Blu-ray drive better than the ones used in the regular DVD writer drives? The simple answer is, because they use better more, expensive parts, in the Blu-ray drives in comparison to the CD/DVD writer drives. Manufacturers of DVD drives are constantly looking for ways to cost down in order to allow consumers to purchase these drives and sub-$20 each. When you continue to cost down, there’s only so much that increased volume can offset, so the manufacturers also need to make or purchase lower cost components that have a much higher failure rate due to this.

Although Blu-ray writer drive prices have dropped significantly, making them a reasonable replacement for a DVD writer drive, they are still priced at a point where the manufacturers can use better and more reliable components within the drives. In fact, the red laser OPU used within the Blu-ray drives is often better than the ones used in most standard DVD drives.

So if you’re looking for a duplicator, either a new one or a replacement for an older system, you would be wise to explore purchasing a Blu-ray duplicator, even if you’re not yet copying Blu-ray discs. It will be money well spent!

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