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Octave ABS Filament

Testing over the weekend using an UP! 3D printer! Octave 1.75mm ABS Filament versus the competition:

Octave ABS Filament Print

Competition’s ABS Filament Print
Not good

Proof that the Octave filament is high quality ABS filament, manufactured to very tight tolerances and a wide extruder temperature range, making for smoother 3D printing, and fewer extruder nozzle problems.

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Vinpower 1 to 1 Blu-ray duplicator

As personal computers, especially laptop computers and tablets, become smaller and thinner, optical drives are being squeezed out. Yet, the necessity to read or copy content onto an optical disc remains a pressing need. Additionally, more valuable personal content, such as music, pictures, video, files, etc. are being stored on personal computers eating away at the hard drive space, even in the age of the TB HDD.

So how does someone burn files from their computer onto discs or make a quick individual back up if they do not have an optical writer drive? The answer is using the surprisingly low priced Vinpower Digital 1 to 1 Blu-ray duplicator with a USB 3.0 connection (backwards compatible to USB 2.0).

This 1 to 1 Blu-ray duplicator can easily connect to any computer device with a USB connection and create an exact copy of the data onto a recordable CD, DVD, or even Blu-ray. This is a much better back-up solution then simply leaving that content on the computer or pushing it to the cloud where you have to have Internet access to view it.

In addition, you’ll have the added advantage of being about to make individual copies of key content for easier and more secure storage. Inquire about the 1 to 1 Vinpower SharkBlu duplicator today.


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New from Octave – Afinia H-Series 3D Printers

The Afinia H-Series: Only $1499!

  • Easy out-of-box setup & use
  • Uses inexpensive ABS plastic
  • Under 11lbs, 245x260x350 mm footprint (10″ x 10″ x 14″)
  • Printing envelope over 5″ cubed
  • 4-printers1-resized

    The AFINIA H-Series 3D Printer is the portable, affordable “Out of the Box 3D Printing Experience”.

    The 3D Printer Software features an easy-to-use interface for laying out, orienting, duplicating, and scaling parts.

    The AFINIA H-Series 3D Printer extrudes plastic filament to create 3D parts and models.

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    Octave Spool Holder for Up! & Afinia 3D Printers

    Spool Holder for UP! & Afinia 3D Printers holds Octave Systems ABS filament spools perfectly, works fine for MakerBot spools also. Created with TinkerCAD, you can edit it for your own purposes here:

    Print it and bolt it on. I printed it on my Up! in “fast” mode with loose fill and it’s plenty smooth and plenty strong. I’ve printed it with the round side down and with the round side up; not much difference. I do suggest printing it in a horizontal orientation.


    up spool holder…stl

    By Julia Dee

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    Microboards Printer/Publisher Mail-In Rebate

    Microboards Technology is offering a prepaid VISA card to purchasers of qualifying printers and publishers from an authorized reseller. This exclusive offer runs now through September 30, 2012 and is valid for the following products.

    After purchasing, complete this form and mail it, along with a copy of the original receipt.

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