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Afinia H479 is Make Magazine “Best Overall”

Get a copy of the MAKE Magazine Ultimate Guide To 3D Printing to read why the Afinia H479 3D printer was named “Best Overall Experience”. Also, “Easiest Setup” and tied for “Easiest to Use”.


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The Next Big Thing at CES

CES proves that bigger picture and higher resolution means that Blu-ray will be more important than ever in playing broadcast content.

At this year’s CES, it looks as though bigger is better! Many of the large electronics manufacturers are focused on developing even larger TV screens while making them thinner with incredibly high resolution. Everywhere you look; there are 60″ and larger TV’s with 4K, and even 8K, Ultra High Definition (UHD) resolution. For those not familiar with what 4K means, and you’re not alone, in simple terms it’s nearly 4 times the resolution of what we’re currently familiar with as high definition. So, if current HD standards are 1080p, 4K TV’s are nearly 4 times that. That’s practically more vibrant and clearer than in real life!

These new UHD TV’s also spell a greater necessity for recordable media that can hold an incredible amount of content in order to play back UHD broadcasts. The format to hold the data already exists and it will be even more relevant with the advent of UHD content, than ever before. That format is Blu-ray and I think it’s time for it to become the dominant optical media format. So if you’re looking to jump on the 4K bandwagon, you’d better make sure you have Blu-ray content to play on it, or you’ll miss the picture entirely!

Vinpower Verbatim 25GB 4x Gold LTH BD-R Blank Media


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Afinia 3D Printer Bundles

Octave Systems now offers 3 Afinia 3D printer bundles for your convenience and savings. The new bundles include:

Afinia 3D Printer Bundle #1

  • Afinia 3D Printer
  • Tool Kit A
  • 2 spools of Octave Filament
  • $1550 Part #3D-AFKit-1
  • Afinia 3D Printer Bundle #2

  • Afinia 3D Printer
  • Tool Kit A
  • Extruder Nozzle Switch
  • 3 spools of Octave filament
  • $1575 Part#3D-AFkit-2
  • Afinia 3D Printer Bundle #3

  • Afinia 3D Printer
  • 2nd Year warranty
  • Tool Kit A
  • 4 spools of Octave filament
  • $1760 Part#3D-AFkit-3
  • For more information on these Afinia bundles, please contact our sales department at 800-626-8539 or email [email protected]

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