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Vinpower’s Blu-ray Safe Copy Technology

Vinpower has developed a new technology that ensures the best and most compatible duplication of Blu-ray content.

Blu-ray discs have been a wonderful invention and a true innovation to optical discs. However, today’s duplication equipment is still catching up on how to consistently, securely copy Blu-ray content accurately and reliably. Even though the costs of BD-R media has dropped considerably, the time to copy BD content and the need to ensure accurate reproductions has not changed. Only Vinpower has consistently worked to meet the growing demands and changes of the Blu-ray market.

The BD Safe Copy works by improving the quality and ensuring the compatibility of the disc while it’s being copied so that the user can rest assured the finished product would be as good and in some cases, even better, than the original master used to make the copies. This enhanced process for the BD Safe Copy is available on all current Vinpower Blu-ray duplication equipment. Enquire today with an Octave Systems representative if you’d like to learn more about this remarkable capability.


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Congratulations! Octave Systems a Top Seller for Amazon’s 2012 Holiday Season


Dear Octave Systems, Inc.,

On behalf of Amazon, we want to congratulate you on your outstanding sales performance during the 2012 holiday season.

Your sales ranked among the top 25% of all Amazon sellers. In addition, your customer satisfaction ratings were excellent — A+ — during this period.

Thank you for the hard work and dedication that made these results possible. You provide an exceptional shopping experience for customers on Amazon.

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3D Printer Accessories from Octave

Review by jds232323

I was sent a message over the holidays from about some new accessories they were introducing for our Afinia/Up! 3d printers. I decided to buy one of each because they sounded like great addons for a decent price, a new switch for printing non OEM filament, a nice cutting tool kit, and borosilicate glass for the print bed. They all came to my door before Xmas and are all great additions to the Afinia/Up printers. The switch installs in seconds (so easy and video on YouTube from user Max* shows install procedure). Nice stuff!

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Afinia 3D Printer Software Update

New Afinia PC/MAC software release

Version 1.4.3: Release Date 2/24/2013

1. Platform Level Calibration software utility
2. Optimizing raft printing; thinner raft is used for less material use, easier removal
3. Optimize inner fill printing for better bond with outer walls; improves model solidity
4. Smoother vertical wall printing
5. Support structure easier to remove when printing with vertical resolution less than 0.20mm
6. Added Shell option to Print Preferences; will print hollow rather than using the Fill settings, when checked
7. Add millimeter scale to X-axis and Y-axis of build platform
8. Modifications to some of the spare parts included during software installation

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March Special – Afinia Tools Galore Bundle

Save with this bundle offer featuring the Afinia 3D Printer, Octave’s 3D printer toolkit, the extruder nozzle temperature switch, and Brosilicate glass platform.

Afinia H-479 3D Printer

The Afinia H-Series 3D Printer provides a true “Out of the Box 3D Printing Experience” as the 3D Printer comes fully assembled, with easy to install software for both the PC and Mac.

Tool Kit A

3D Printer knife set – 5 versatile cutting Tools.

Tool Kit C

6″ Digital Calipers.

Borosilicate Glass Platform

Advanced users of Afinia and UP! printers really appreciate the ability to print models without raft and with a base that has a very smooth mirror-like finish.

Extruder Nozzle Temperature Switch

This enhancement to the Afinia and UP! 3D Printers reduces the nozzle temperature by approximately 30° C.


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