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Vinpower Digital Announces larger SD/MicroSD Models

Vinpower has long offered SD duplicators that offer numerous advantages over others on the market in the form of true asynchronous duplication, separate dedicated Micro SD slots, lightning fast duplication speeds and many other features. However, the systems were limited to a maximum of 15 targets, until today! Vinpower now has a modular daisy chain SD duplicator controller that will allow a much greater number of targets to be controlled through a single operation. In fact, Vinpower will now offer SD/Micro SD duplicators in our famous Shark casing with up to 63 recording targets from 1 single master source.

SD and Micro SD cards are being used more and more across computers, televisions, mobile advertising, cellular phones, tablets, and toys, among a multitude of other devices and applications. This massive adoption of flash technology using an SD card is expanding and since there is no alternative other than duplication, being able to copy the maximum number of SD cards at a time is critical. To learn more, visit our website at


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Nexcopy Offers Solutions for USB Copy Protection

Nexcopy offers two solutions for USB Flash drive Copy Protection. For short run production, Nexcopy provides a free software utility which can produce 3 drives at a time and works exclusively with their CopySecure drives. For large run production needs, Nexcopy offers a 20 target system based off the USB200PRO series duplicator.

The USB copy protection solution is a combination of both hardware and software and therefore, is not a technology you can apply to any USB drive – after all why pay copy protection licenses when the user could format or delete the files off the drive? The Nexcopy solution locks the protected content to a write protected partition where the data sits forever. It cannot be deleted or formatted off the drive.

USB Copy Protection – The USB copy protection technology is a true Digital Rights Management tool. USB copy protection includes the ability to copy protect your software, Adobe PDF documents and a wide range of additional file formats. Advanced software configurations include layers of protection such as anti-copy, anti-rip, time limits and password protection. For Adobe PDF documents the copy protection includes additional features such as Copy and Paste restrictions and document printing rights.

USB Read Only Partition – The Nexcopy CopySecure solution has the option to split the drive into two partitions. The first partition contains the copy protected content and is write protected so the files cannot be deleted off the drive. The second partition is left open as a read/write area and acts like a normal flash drive. When the drive is split, the USB device uses two drive letters in the host operating system.

Nexcopy offers the CopySecure drives in 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB sizes. Inquire today and learn more about how Nexcopy can help protection your intellectual property.

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Vinpower Renews Blu-ray Upgrade on Titan Supreme

Vinpower Digital is offering a special promotion for those who need more duplication bang for their buck. With the purchase of any new Vinpower branded TITAN Supreme autoloader, starting June 1, through July 31, 2013, Vinpower will upgrade the order to a Blu-ray model free of charge. That’s a savings of over $4,000 on select sizes! Even if you currently are not copying Blu-ray content, this is an excellent opportunity to purchase a Blu-ray model at a DVD price, so the system will be Blu-ray ready when you are.

The TITAN Supreme is a standalone high capacity autoloader duplicator and can copy up to 8 discs simultaneously and hold up to 1000 discs. The TITAN Supreme has been a staple in duplication houses for years and even moderate duplication users have found the system to be effective due to the low cost point, ease of use, and the added convenience of the autoloading capability. Contact Octave Systems today to learn more about this and other great deals on Vinpower products.


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