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More Needs for SD Duplicators

By Ryan Swerdloff

With more and more mobile devices utilizing SD flash technology, the need for SD Duplicators is growing by leaps and bounds.

So many electronic devices currently utilize preprogramed SD cards, such as navigation systems, digital cameras and camcorders, tablets, as well as a litany of other electronic devices. Since SD cards cannot be manufactured with the content already stored on them and must be duplicated, the only way to reproduce a set content onto 10’s, 100’s, 1000’s, or even millions of SD cards is to use an SD card duplicator. The more prevalent the preprogrammed SD becomes, the larger the number of SD cards will need to be copied at one time to keep pace.

That is why Vinpower expanded the number of ports available in its popular line of SD duplicators from 15 to a maximum of 63. However, because Vinpower’s SD duplicator controllers are modular, the total number of systems tied together is nearly limitless. So if you are a company looking to reproduce content across a number of SD cards or sell such equipment to companies that do, it’s well worth your time to check out Vinpower’s line of SD duplicators. With ports for both standard and Micro SD cards, you can load any type of SD card to be copied for fast and reliable duplication.

If you find yourself in need of a SD Duplicator or need to recommend one to someone else, look no further than Octave Systems to see that Vinpower has what you need!

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Optical Discs will remain relevant for a long time to come!

By Ryan Swerdloff

There is a famous saying, attributed to the legendary writer Mark Twain, which states, “The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” Often times this quote can be attributed to the state of optical discs as well. Every time someone pronounces the CD, DVD, or now the Blu-ray disc as being a dead medium, all one need do is look at the numbers and realize that those proclamations are “greatly exaggerated!” Of course, the heyday of CD’s and DVD’s has passed and there are many mediums, like digital streaming, that look poised to replace them. But that time is far off in the future and the current optical disc market is still a sizable business, both in replicated content and in duplicated material.

In fact, I recently read an article that listed 6 strong reasons for the necessity of a physical optical disc:

1) Kids need it — Still the best way to placate children when taking long trips.

2) The (movie) industry’s own marketing says so – Even streaming based content, such as UltraViolet, still provide a physical disc as part of the full viewing experience. So the virtual medium is still accompanied by the physical medium to encompass the needs of everyone.

3) Specialization favors it — It’s much more convenient to purchase a “…DVD at supermarkets, gas stations and other retail outlets, for example, than an official championship download.”

4) Blu-ray still the best viewing experience – In order to truly get the best movie watching experience, especially given the exaggerated sizes of TV’s today, Blu-ray is the best solution, due to the massive storage capacity.

5) It’s the collector’s choice – Collectors prefer to have all of the intricacies that accompany a physical disc, like the cover art, liner notes, etc.

6) For a lot of Americans, it ain’t broke – There are more parts of the world where a physical disc is the only way in which they choose or can get their movie watching experience. Due to weather extremes, remote locations, poor infrastructure, many in the world do not have access or the freedom to utilize streaming or cloud based content. The disc still makes all of the sense in the world as more of the world still relies on it.

If you’re looking for the best quality and most reliable optical media and/or duplication equipment on the market, look no further than Octave Systems, Inc.

For more details about the article and the data found to support this claim, feel free to click on the following website:

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Afinia 3D Printer Rainbow Bundle

Save with this bundle offer featuring the Afinia 3D Printer, Octave’s 3D printer toolkit, the extruder nozzle temperature switch, and Octave 3 color Rainbow Filament.


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MF Digital Automated Epson based CIS PrintStation

The PrintStation is a self contained fully automated CIS DVD CD BD printer system from MF Digital.

It features an Epson L800 printer, automatic 300 disc capacity autoloader with built in PC that is network ready. Simply add the Monitor Keyboard & Mouse and start printing!

Printing Value

The PrintStaion offers high quality automated Inkjet printing at the low cost of $.05 per disc.


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