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Octave Now Carries Taulman t-glase Filament

Today, Taulman3D has released another high strength material. One for those users that print mostly with PLA or lower temperature 3D Printers. This new material is called “t-glase” (tee glass) short for tough glass. As a side note, t-glase was actually released to our local testers as “taulman 810”, however, it soon became known among our local testers and a few industrial customers as t-glase, so we kept that title.

Like 618, t-glase started with requests from you, the 3D Printing community. We initially released 618 in 3mm and things moved along very well. When we released 618 in 1.75mm a month later, we started to receive emails from users around the world that were using PLA and/or printing at lower temperatures. With an understanding of our processes, it was actually our chemists that came back to us and suggested we try a polymer known as PETT and introduced us to one of the world’s largest mfg of PETT components for industry. While printing in various types of PET isn’t new, we decided to work with the strongest of the PETT polymer combinations available. Most of us have seen a similar polymer in the form of clear high strength water transport containers. These are known to be extremely tough and resistant to breakage. Then the chemical company and manufacturer worked together to make us some evaluation line. With a few industrial customers along with some local operators, t-glase quickly went into testing. Within just 15 days, we gave away free for testing or sold the entire 124kg of available t-glase. Our goal now is to open t-glase for sale to the 3D Printing Community through Octave Systems.

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Vinpower ECON series Duplicators now with the latest Plextor Drives.

Recently, Vinpower announced that they will be the exclusive supplier of the Plextor PX-891SAW drives. Now, we are announcing that we are making the Plextor PX-891SAW the default drive in all new Econ series* duplicators including the Octave Value Line models. Vinpower will offer the top of the line Plextor drives at the same price as the previous models, it’s like getting twice the duplicator for half the price. This offer is for a limited time, so contact Octave today for more details.

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