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Support the Polymakr Kickstarter Campaign!!

Polymakr: Entirely New Materials for Desktop 3D Printing

Polymakr brings to you 3 entirely new printing materials that greatly extend what you can do with your desktop 3D printer.

Polymakr wants to change what you can 3D print with

The rapid growth of low-cost, desktop 3D printers in the past 5 years has really made 3D printing accessible to a great number of designers, engineers and DIYers. While the machines and software keep getting better, the materials available for printing have remained more or less unchanged. The low quality and limited choices of printing materials are increasingly becoming the limiting factor for the future expansion of desktop 3D printers.

As a group of materials scientists, engineers and designers who are very passionate about 3D printing, Polymakr wants to change this, by continuously developing the best the most innovative printing materials for the maker community.
Three entirely new materials for your desktop 3D printer

The goal of this KickStarter project is to bring to you 3 entirely new materials that are designed specifically for FDM/FFF based desktop 3D printers.

Where we are right now

We have finished most of our R&D work. That is, all the materials have been developed and thoroughly tested in our lab. We have also developed the manufacturing processes for PolyMax PLA and PolyFlex; the only technical work that remains to be done is to develop the manufacturing process for PolyWood, which we estimate would take another 2-3 months as the extrusion of foamed materials takes more effort, and we need to acquire some additional equipment. With everything said, we will be able to deliver PolyMax PLA and PolyFlex in reasonable quantities (1000 kg each per month) in 1-3 months, and PolyWood in about 3-5 months.
Why we need your support (and how the money will be spent)

Our project started back in mid-2012. It took us one year and a half to reach where we are right now. The intense R&D work has depleted most of our resources and we need some extra help in order to take those products to market. It has been a wonderful journey and we hope we can continue it, with your support!

This is what the money raised in this KickStarter campaign will be spent on, specifically:

To acquire necessary manufacturing equipment so we can start producing the filaments in large quantities. We currently have one pilot line on which we have developed the manufacturing processes for PolyMax PLA and PolyFlex, but the line will not be capable to handle the manufacturing of all the 3 materials.

To purchase raw materials in large quantities to drive the cost down – this is to ensure that we deliver to you not just the best products in terms of quality and performance, but also in terms of cost-effectiveness.

To support our continual effort to further improve our materials visit the Polymakr Kickstarter page at


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