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Polymakr PolyMax™ PLA True White 1.75mm

PolyMax™ PLA – Superior PLA with high toughness and strength

Polymakr PolyMax™ PLA True White 1.75mm 750g

The first new material from Polymakr is PolyMax PLA, a completely re-engineered PLA filament that improves upon PLA’s poor mechanical properties and reduces its brittleness. According to the company, PolyMax PLA exhibits over eight times better impact strength and toughness than standard PLA. Amazingly, the new PolyMax PLA also outperforms ABS plastic in almost all mechanical property tests, yet doesn’t release a toxic smell.

PolyMax PLA will be compatible with almost all FDM-style desktop 3D printers, including many “ABS-only” machines. It prints under almost identical conditions as regular PLA, meaning those without a heated printbed should be fine.




Purchase the PolyMax PLA online from Octave Systems or call 800-626-8539 with any questions.

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New Lower Price on Afinia H480 3D Printer

Afinia has reduced the price of the award-winning H480 3D Printer 19%, to $1,299USD.

“We are excited to offer this substantial price decrease to our customers. It will make it even easier for schools with tight budgets to purchase 3D printers for STEM education in the classroom.” – John Westrum, V.P. of Afinia 3D.

Because of this new lower price, Octave Systems was also able to lower the prices on the Afinia 3D Printer Bundles. All Bundles are now $300 lower. The Afinia 3D Printer Bundles for your Convenience and Savings!!! Items included in the bundles – the Afinia H480 3D Printer, Octave ABS filament and Octave 3D printer tools.


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Nexcopy USB Clip Printer™ – USB7P

USB Clip Printer™ manufactured by Nexcopy – Inkjet Technology

Never worry about a branding problem with the all new Nexcopy USB Clip Printer™. The USB7P.

The USB Clip Printer™ is ideal for short run print runs for either single color or full color logos. The inkjet printable clips are of standard size and will fit nearly all swivel style USB flash drives. The process is simple. Print your logo from our easy-to-use software interface directly to the matte white clips. usb7p The prints are instantly dry and highly water resistant making it a perfect solution for quick turn USB branding jobs. Finally, swap the clip from your current drive with the all new printed clip. Easy. Fast. Economical.

The USB7P will print seven USB clips in full color in about 35 seconds. The USB7P uses a CMY ink cartridge and Black ink cartridge. The prints are beautiful, vibrant, immediately dry after printing and highly water resistant.

From Nexcopy’s simple user interface software, print seven clips with the same logo, or seven individual logos – all at the same time! The possibilities are endless with the all new USB7P! Based on Hewlett Packard’s inkjet print technology, the USB Clip Printer™ is an ideal office product for quick labeling of flash drives in monochrome or full color.

usb7p_tray The Nexcopy inkjet printable clips are compatible with most standard swivel drives. The USB7P uses the inkjet printable clips made by Nexcopy and clips are print ready on both sides.

To learn more about the all new Nexcopy USB Clip Printer™, download the USB7P data sheet which includes information about the printer, the inkjet printable clips (including clip schematic) and the ink cartridge details.

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