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Vinpower’s Duplication Controller – Just Works Best!

Vinpower’s duplication controller works better than the competition, especially when the conditions are less than ideal!

In a perfect duplication world, the duplicator case will be made of aluminum and contain multiple fans to cool off the drives, which create substantial heat due to constant usage. Plus, all the drives will have proper spacing, be uniform (meaning using the same model numbers and firmware across all of the drives in the hardware), and have adequate electricity to power all of the drives. In that scenario, most any controller will give you a reasonable success rate. But what happens when you have situations where the conditions are not ideal for duplication? What if there’s minimal air circulation to cool off the drives, or the system is configures numerous different brands and/or firmware of drives, or the user is copying disc continuously for 12, 16, even 24 hours a day? That’s when duplicator’s controller makes the difference between successfully burned media and failed discs that become coasters. That’s what separates A grade equipment like Vinpower and inferior equipment from lesser quality competitors.

Vinpower’s controller has been tested to provide the best results even when working in less than ideal situations. It’s been proven to work mixed drives brands/firmware, when the heat is not properly ventilated, when media is mixed from different brands, or even when the drives are older and has some errors with certain medias. Vinpower’s controller has proven to overcome far more issues than any of its competitors.

Of course, Vinpower recommends maintaining and operating your duplicator under optimal conditions for the best results, however, we know that is not always an option for everyone. Vinpower developed its controller to a higher grade, so that it can function better and ensure more reliability than any other standalone duplication controller on the market.

If you want the best and still pay less in costs and maintenance, then Vinpower’s standalone duplication controllers and hardware are the only options. Contact an Octave Systems representative today.


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U-Reach’s Hard Drive Duplicators now support 6TB HDD and higher.

With the increasing amount of data transfer, the capacity of storage media has reached its peak. Just recently, HDD manufacturers announce a new 10TB HDD concept to meet the growing demand for high-density data storage. Currently, 6TB hard drive is already mass produced, and can be seen in the market. Therefore, a HDD duplicator that supports the largest drive capacity is vital, this will double the copy efficiency and capabilities in the future direction of HDD Duplications.

As a global brand and trusted leader in data equipment, U-Reach’s
complete lines of hard drive duplicators
are now capacity-optimized
to support 6TB or higher. U-Reach also offers the largest and highest scalability standalone HDD duplicator in the market. With its new generation high transfer speed- 18GB /min and largest targets support (25 ports), if calculated by 6TB HDD with 35GB contents , it will take 8 hours to copy 6000 pcs of hard disk per day. Whether you need to make a single or duplicate hundreds of HDD simultaneously, you can always depend on U-Reach’s HDD duplication for the fastest and most
reliable solution to meet your business needs


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Blu-ray content has been about a better picture, what about better sound?

This week the first Blu-ray home video to carry the true theater sound capability was released. Paramount Pictures, Transformers: Age of Extinction, was released on September 30th, 2014 featuring the new Dolby Atmos sound capability. Those with the Dolby Atmos receivers and speakers, will be able to hear the movies in the same manner that those watching in the hi-def or more likely the eventual 4k will be able to watch, with perfect clarity.

Between 4K clarity and the Dolby Atmos sound, we are that much closer to being transported directly into the movie. No matter how clear the picture is, without a complimentary sound component, you are not getting the true movie viewing experience. That’s why retailers this fall will start offering viewing rooms in the stores that are equipped with the Dolby Atmos sound capabilities to give the customer the full experience of how watching a movie at home could and should be.

Vinpower always stays ahead of the curve, when it comes to digital technology. When new features and formats are available on the market, Vinpower will certainly work to support it and make it available to our customer base before anyone else.

The content of this posting was taken from the following article:Click Here which was originally posted on Friday, September 09, 2014


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