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3D Printed Musical Notation Makes Reading Music Easier for Visually Impaired

by Michelle Matisons · November 8, 2015

Whenever I hear a story about how 3D printing is being used to help people who have limiting physical conditions of some kind, I always think that this one is my favorite story. Take for example, the idea of reading music while blind– the subject of this story. Traditionally, braille is used for musical notation, but apparently that has proven rather “complex and daunting” for music students. Then, as part of her doctoral dissertation work at the University of Wisconsin, Yeaji Kim developed a 3D printed universal notation system called Tactile Stave Notation, as we briefly covered back in January. This was done out of Kim’s own desire to have a more accessible musical notation system that corresponds with the standard notation system.

The only real way for this system to work is for notes to be raised on sheets. Students can learn notes through touch, and they are touching the same notes the music teacher is using too. Wow: just think about how much better communication is improved. Better communication equals better and faster learning.


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Vinpower Offers Cronus HDD Upgrade

Vinpower is now offering a free upgrade from 480GB to 1TB SSD on all Cronus BD/DVD/CD Plus Publishing Systems

Vinpower Digital has increased the size of the internal SSD drives on all new Cronus BD/DVD/CD Plus publishing systems from 480GB up to 1TB at no added cost. In this fast paced world where everyone wants everything yesterday, there’s no time to wait on a publishing system to load and burn your Blu-ray, DVD, or CD projects synchronously. The best method to get the job done is to allow the publishing system to burn and print the discs asynchronously. However, this is not also possible on many publishing systems, especially those with more than 2 drives. So Vinpower devised their Cronus Plus publishing systems to work flawlessly when burning even the large capacity Blu-ray discs in asynchronous mode for a faster and more efficient publishing system.

Plus, with the increase from 480GB to 1TB on the internal SSD at no added cost, the Cronus Plus publishing systems can hold a much greater number of projects and work even more efficiently than ever before. Vinpower has always been about giving more for less, so when you need a system that can quickly and efficiently burn and print optical discs through an automated system, Vinpower’s Cronus Plus publishing system, now with 1TB SSD drives, is the best solution on the market.

For more details about the Cronus Plus publishing systems or any of Vinpower’s duplications hardware, components, and/or media, please visit the Octave website or call a sales representative at 800-626-8539.

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