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Vinpower Controller Supports All Optical Disc Drives

Vinpower is the only Controller manufacturer that supports drive firmware updates for all optical disc drives on the market today.

Vinpower has established itself as the premier manufacturer of standalone duplication controllers, especially for optical discs. We were the first to offer a wide range of unique and useful features and we’re still developing new helpful features, particularly for heavy duplicator users. While our competition is either leaving the industry or significantly reducing their offerings and capabilities, Vinpower marches on to ensure that we still provide the exceptional quality and range of features and options that we have become known for.

One of the key features that is critical, especially for heavy duplication users, is the ability to update the optical disc drive’s (ODD) firmware (FW) directly through the duplicator’s controller. Currently, Vinpower is the only controller manufacture that offers this feature, which supports all internal ODD’s that are available on the market today. Unfortunately, today’s ODD’s tend to see more glitches and bugs than previous years, this is mostly due to the low cost nature of the ODDs and the manufacturer’s limitations in time and resources to provide as wide of range of test as previously performed before releasing the drive onto the market.

Most of the bugs are related to media compatibility or other easily correctable issues, but in order to correct the problems, the user must upload the latest ODD FW. For those with duplicators using a non-Vinpower controller, that means you have to remove each drive, connect them to a computer, and update them one by one. That’s fine if you only have a small handful of drives. But if you have multiple duplicators with 10 or 15 drives in each one, then that process is going to be difficult and time consuming. With the Vinpower controller, you can update all the drives in the duplicator simultaneously in minutes without removing any of the drives. That saves a tremendous amount of time and hassle, keeping you focused on duplicating rather than updating.

For more details on any of the products that Vinpower carries, please visit the Octave Systems website at


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3D Printing Trends for February Are Here!

The new monthly 3D Hubs trend report is here. Zortrax is #6 in Highest Rated 3D Printers according to stunning number of 1258 reviews! Zortrax M200 is also one of the most popular 3D printers in Europe and Asia Pacific and is growing fast in Printer Model Distribution category. See the details below and learn more:


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